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About Us

Family owned studio, three decades in architectural design. Ex novo buildings, refurbishment and reconstruction. Single family houses, residential buildings, mixed used buildings, public buildings, hospitality buildings.

We are project design studio, working on various project scales and architectural fields. As well we do project management and the construction survey.

Our team is made of senior architects, junior architects, civil engineers, hydro technical engineer, electrical engineers and mechanical engineer.

Our Work

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In years of experience, we did numerous projects and built big number of them. Studied approach to all specific locations and different requests. Balancing on constrains, design requests and combination of fine arts with science.

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Our studio is operative office associated to four engineer offices. Together we bring all the parts of the design in a coordinated project that can be built. We are open to draw, design, work, collaborate, discuss, participate, publish, anything with creative people and creative process.

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We don’t publish many of our works and interests on social media or web. Only visual data that we believe may be of interest to the general public has been published on this site. For more info please contact us or join our mailing list.


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